1. I have the right to put my name on anything I design for you. Please don't remove my 
name from your blog. I will try to put it in an unnoticeable place as possible, such as at the bottom of your blog or at the bottom of your side-bar.

2. Your design will take three to seven business days or longer to complete. And it really all depends 
on how much time I have available, and if you want me to make any changes along the way.

3. If you don't like your design, I am willing to redesign it up to three times.

4. I can only design for only Blogger and Weebly blogs.

5. You can not change your blog design very noticeably after (or while) I'm designing it as my designing name is/will be on your blog.  It makes it really confusing for me. If you want something changed, please ask me to do it!

Please do not steal my codes, ideas, etc. or try to pass off anything I have designed as your own. If you would like to learn more about coding, ask me on one of my main blogs and I am willing to do tutorials, unless it is a special code that I might not want to give out. 

If there's any inappropriate content on your blog, I have to right to decline designing it, and will instead suggest another designer.

Thank you!