Hi friend! I'm Melody.
I'm a fifteen year old girl who lives on a farm in the gorgeous state of Washington with my family. In my spare time you'll find me scribbling away as I practice making realistic portrait drawings. (Notice I said realistic...it's a process.) And I love spending time out under the sun whether that's getting my hands dirty in our vegetable gardens, picking black-berries growing on our property, or swimming in our pool. Other than that, I'm passionate about working out, becoming more flexible, living a healthier lifestyle, and of course, working my "inner nerd" as I practice coding, and all that comes with that in web design!

All in all, I love art and designing of any kind, and I strive to glorify God in everything I do. 
I pray that this site is one way in doing so!

The Designs.
If there are only ready-to-go templates (aka the blog design) to choose from when you choose your website, you're bound to have the same exact design of several people, if not a hundred! That's why I do all custom-made designs. I guarantee that each unique and individual, perfected by the owner's personality, style, and wishes when ordering their design from me.

I try to make my designs as fresh and cute as possible, using different styles that people wish for: modern, retro, pastel - you name it!

So what are you waiting for? Your new design is waiting just around the corner!