To view some of my work, please ask me personally via contacting me! Thank you!

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      "When I asked for a Blog header from Melody, I was impressed with how quickly she was able to make one for me! And it was just what I had asked for :) I would definitely recommend her for designing your blog! She does an excellent job!!"
 Noelle P.

      "I really love the design Melody made for me. It looks professional! She is super sweet to work with and makes sure what you want is what you get! I recommend her to anyone looking for a new design."

     "When I asked for a design from you I just expected a little something that would change it up such as a different background and a few other things, but when you sent me the sample I was totally in love with it! I sent it to a bunch of my friends that blog telling them how amazing you are. You do an incredible job Melody!"
Gwen S.

    "Even though I enjoy designing blogs, I was totally lost on how to design my own.  I wanted it to be simple yet unique, but I didn't know how to capture it.  I was actually looking around for a blog designer, and I soon found Mellow Designs. Melody did an amazing job on my blog!  She is quick at designing and really listens to what you want. If you want a awesome blog design and don't know where to start, ask Melody to do it! I guarantee you will be happy with the design!"
Eve S.